Exciting Pep Rally

No one is better at motivating and inspiring students than we are. Our 20-minute pep rally will leave your faculty and students saying “I CAN do this and I WANT to do this fundraiser!”

Great Products

We offer a wide variety of fundraising programs with products that your parents and community want to purchase and that are also easy for your students to sell.

Prizes Kids Love

Limo Lunches, Game Truck Parties, Build-A-Buddy, Money Machines, and so much more! We keep the excitement going with fun, unique prize events that kids love.

Let’s get started with a FUNdraising program for you!


Fundraising Groups

FundRally has fun and profitable fundraising programs for all types of schools and groups — Elementary Schools, Intermediate Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Private Schools, Preschools, & Daycare Centers.

FundRally works with each school to provide a unique, customizable, and profitable fundraising solution that works! If your school is looking to raise big bucks here are some of our top options:

Family Favorites Ultimate Gourmet Sweet Surprises A Season of Joy Salty & Sweet Popcorn Candy Bars & Pretzel Rods

PTAs, PTOs, PTSOs and other parent groups are tasked with raising large sums of money for school extras like playgrounds, computers, hand held tablets, library books, classroom supplies, and more.

FundRally will help you develop a fun & profitable fundraising solution that is easy for the fundraising chairperson to implement. Our #1 fundraising program that has a proven track record or raising lots of money is:

Family Favorites Ultimate Gourmet Light Up the Holidays Candy Bars & Pretzel Rods

Music groups like bands, choirs, and orchestras are challenged each year to raise funds for uniforms, instruments, contests, clinicians, private lessons, classroom supplies, instrument repairs, & so much more.

FundRally will work closely with your director or Booster Club to create a customized, profitable fundraiser that will have your group singing “Money, Money, Money” in no time. Our most popular fundraising programs with music groups are:

Family Favorites Ultimate Gourmet Salty & Sweet Popcorn Tumblers Light Up the Holidays Candy Bars & Pretzel Rods

Perhaps no other school group out there needs as much money per person as a cheerleading squad or dance team.   These groups need money for uniforms, work out clothes, camp, camp clothes, shoes, bags, competitions, travel, end-of-year banquet, and so much more. The costs can be well over $1,000 per team member per year.

FundRally specializes in motivating your squad or team to raise LARGE amounts of money in a short amount of time to help offset these expenses. Since many cheerleading squads and dance teams do the majority of their fundraising after tryouts in the spring semester, we recommend the following programs:

Salty & Sweet Popcorn Discount Cards Sweet and Savory Ultimate Gourmet Candy Bars & Pretzel Rods

FundRally works with middle school athletics departments, high school teams, youth sports organizations, and select sports organizations. We work with teams of all sizes to set a goal, motivate your athletes, and help them reach the goal.

Whether you are raising money for uniforms, warm-ups, custom bags, equipment, tournament fees, travel expenses, or the athletic banquet, FundRally has many proven fundraising solutions to help you reach your goals:

Discount Cards Tumblers Candy Bars & Pretzel Rods

What our clients say
  • When I work with Keigh, I always know that I am going to be working with integrity.  He truly does care about my program, and the REASON we need to raise money.

    Russ R., Celina High School
  • Working with Keigh over the years has been awesome! He has handled my drill team fundraising for years. He chooses great products and makes the process painless. I highly recommend his company for fundraising!

    Lisa L., Commerce High School
  • This is my first year to work with FundRally. After many years of working with another company, I was not excited about changing companies. However, Keigh was great. From the time he first met with me, came and spoke with the students, delivered the products, and returned to help with prize day, I felt right at home with him. He got the students fired up and in return, sales were at an all-time high. Parents were pleased with the products and how well pick up went. I looked forward to working with Keigh in the future. Students at Bailey can’t wait to see Mr. Money again.

    Stormie S., Bailey Intermediate School
  • Thank you sir!

    Pick up went off smoothly.  It was well organized on your staff’s part and our volunteers were very thankful, appreciative and impressed with your setup!  Please pass along our thanks to all involved, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you all.

    James B., Sue Rattan Elementary Principal
  • Thank you so much!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for us, especially having to put up with all my pestering questions. I couldn’t have asked for the fundraiser to go any smoother and was so pleased with how well the school did – you rock!”

    Johnette A., Greenville 6th Grade Center
  • Keigh’s energetic personality and positive attitude make him a pleasure to work with on our fundraisers. He is loyal and honest, his attention to integrity ensures us he will always make it right!

    Rhonda M., Terrell Elementary

Why FundRally

  • Kids Love Us!

    Kids of all ages love our fun pep rallies and great prizes. We energize and motivate kids to help raise money for your school or group.

  • Parent's Love Us

    We offer a variety of fundraising options that parents find easy to sell. Our food products taste great and our non-food items are on-trend and make great gifts.

  • Ready, Set...Done!

    We make fundraising easy…from the kick-off to fulfillment, we’ve got you covered.

  • Fun Prizes!

    We offer several prize packages that can be customized for your school or organization.

Let’s get started with a FUNdraising program for you!