Gift Wrap, Candles, Magazines, and Seasonal Gifts

Customers like fundraisers with products they buy and use everyday. You can’t go wrong with any of our seasonal gift catalogs. Each brochure offers 200+ items with a wide selection of products from wrapping paper, candles, chocolates, kitchen items, magazine subscriptions, jewelry, flower bulbs, gift wrap accessories, and much more. Over 50 items are $10.00 and under, so there is something for everyone.

Candy Cane Celebrations

This all-NEW 48-page brochure with 155 items makes it one of the largest and most comprehensive brochures in fundraising. The product selection includes gift-wrap and accessories, flower bulbs, kitchen items, jewelry, magazines, imprinted sportswear, food, personalized tumblers, and much more.  And with the 16-page non-frozen food insert “BEARLY RESISTABLE HOLIDAY TREATS”, this brochure is capable of raising your school BIG PROFITS!  This brochure is available with or without the frozen cookie dough option.

Light Up the Holidays

This 32-page brochure with 100+ items features our all-NEW line of CAPELLA CANDLES.  Capella is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and our Capella Candles will create a bright, comforting glow in your home throughout every season. Our candle wax is a unique soy blend, designed to retain fragrance longer and burn cleaner. We hand pour each candle with love to ensure the highest levels of consistency. Mix in some gift-wrap, personalized stainless tumblers, food items, kitchen gadgets, wrap accessories, & more, and you have a diverse brochure that is capable of raising BIG BUCKS for your school or group!

Joy To The World

This all-NEW 48-page brochure is designed with a $5.00 incremental pricing concept.  All 158 items are priced to sell at $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, etc.  Running this brochure makes it a little easier on the person processing the orders and counting the money.  All the product categories are covered in this classic brochure, including Frosty’s Picks on the back cover that gives the customer a fantastic deal.

Sweet & Savory

Looking for a non-frozen alternative?

“Sweet & Savory” is our all new comprehensive, 50 items, non-frozen food fundraising program. This is the perfect solution for those schools or groups that do not want to deal with a frozen food delivery, but still need to make a lot of money.

The retail prices on this brochure area slightly lower, too, from the average frozen foods brochures. From soup-to-nuts, this brochure has it all – delicious boxed chocolates, nuts, Wisconsin cheese spreads and beef sticks, soup mixes, cookie mixes, pies and cake mixes, gluten-free dessert mixes and much more!

The Pecanbacks are to die for (and the #1 selling item) and the White Chocolate Cran-Orange Cookie Bars will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Statement Makers

Our all-NEW 62-item comprehensive jewelry and home décor brochure.  Offering high quality & fashionable jewelry, scarves, and home décor items, this brochure makes an excellent tag to any of our holiday gift catalogs.  And remember, over 80% of all fundraising purchases are made by adult females.