Cookie Dough and Frozen Treats

Family Favorites

Frozen Food Dallas PTA Fundraising

Our #1 fundraising program! This brochure has it all—cookie dough, pies, cheesecakes, cobblers, pizzas, popcorn, and much more. Sixteen mouthwatering pages will entice your parents and friends with affordable treats that are easy to sell, very tasty, and highly profitable.

This brochure was designed to bring in the BIG BUCKS for your school or group. This brochure is a HOMERUN and very capable of bringing in sales of over $50,000!

Ultimate Gourmet

Frozen Food Dallas PTA Fundraising

This is the “twin brother” to our #1 Family Favorites brochure.  It has all of the same food items—cookie dough, cheesecakes, pizzas, Homemade Gourmet, cake rolls, etc.–with a slightly different layout.  We have removed the tumblers from the back cover and replaced it with the order form.  This brochure allows schools in the same area or district to run a fundraiser without feeling like they are doing the same program.

Gourmet Popcorn and Snacks

Popcorn and “salty and sweet” snack fundraisers make selling a tasty breeze!


Tumbler fundraisers are great for sports teams, dance teams and other athletic organizations!

Poppin’ Popcorn

Popcorn fundraising program dfw

All your favorite gourmet popcorn flavors in one place (14 total flavors). Stick with the traditional Movie Butter Popcorn or Caramel Corn, or torture your taste buds with our all-new Spicy Texas Habanero.

Salty and Sweet

popcorn and treat school fundraising dallas

Our #1 selling popcorn program! Combine our 14 gourmet popcorn flavors with a wide selection of chocolates & snacks, and you have a winning combination.

Tritan Tumblers

Tumbler athletic fundraising dfw

Made of durable Tritan plastic, our double-insulated tumblers are built to last. Show off your school spirit with one of 80+ colleges or have us design a custom tumbler for your school.  Available in 16oz & 26oz sizes!

Swirl Tumblers

Dance and Drill Team Tumbler Fundraising

Made of durable Tritan plastic, our double-insulated tumblers are built to last. This brochure was designed for schools & groups in Texas with a limited selection of our new 24oz size.  Custom school tumblers available!

Seasonal Gifts and Non-Frozen Foods

Parents can get their holiday shopping done quickly…and help their school with the great gift items in these seasonal fundraising brochures!

Candy Cane Celebrations

Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraiser Dallas

This all-NEW 48-page brochure is one of the largest and most comprehensive brochures in fundraising. The product selection includes gift-wrap and accessories, kitchen items, jewelry, magazines, sportswear, food, and much more.

Light up the Holidays

Gift Wrap and Christmas Gift Fundraising Dallas

Our all-new Capella Candles is the centerpiece of our hottest new holiday gift brochure.  Don’t want to sell frozen foods, but still need to make HUGE PROFITS? This is the answer…

Joy To The World

Seasonal PTA School Fundraising

This all-NEW 48-page brochure is designed with a $5.00 incremental pricing concept.  All 158 items are priced to sell at $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, etc.

Sweet & Savory

Holiday food gift fundraising for schools and pta dallas fort worth

A great non-frozen food brochure option that can be sold any time of year. Tag this with our Tritan Tumbler program and you have a combo capable of raising lots of money for your school.

Statement Makers

Holiday food gift fundraising for schools and pta dallas fort worth

Our all-NEW 62-item comprehensive jewelry and home décor brochure.  Offering high quality & fashionable jewelry, scarves, and home décor items, this brochure makes an excellent tag to any of our holiday gift catalogs.

Discount Cards

The perfect fundraiser for sports teams, youth sports leagues, cheerleading squads, dance/drill teams, or music groups. Groups can raise large sums of money in a short amount of time while giving their supporters the opportunity to save money all year long at some of their favorite local businesses. FundRally secures the merchants, designs the cards, and prints the cards…all your group does is sell them!

Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraiser Dallas

Candy Bars and Pretzel Rods

Introducing the BIGGEST bars and BEST chocolate in fundraising…SIGNATURE CHOCOLATES!
All of our chocolate bars are manufactured in our #1 Certified PEANUT-FREE facility.

  • Our $1 & $2 bars are larger than our competitors (1.5oz vs 1.3oz & 2.85oz vs 2.4oz)
  • Earn 50% profit & FREE Shipping on all orders of 10 cases or more
  • FREE case of product for every 20 cases ordered
  • Personalized labels for each carrier upon request
  • Customized mix of bar flavors to maximize sales in your area

Shopping Boss

Introducing ShoppingBoss, the HOTTEST new fundraiser that gives you CASH BACK when you shop! ShoppingBoss is a network of over 200 national retailers and restaurants that offer CASH BACK to customers. Not points, not rewards, but COLD HARD CASH!! There is NO OTHER program like it ANYWHERE.

Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraiser Dallas