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Who is FundRally?

We are a group of very talented, highly motivating, super organized, creatively innovative, wacky group of experienced fundraising professionals that just so happen to be parents, too! We love kids and we take great pride in motivating them to help the school achieve its fundraising goals and dreams. FUNdraising is meant to be both fun and profitable. Our 20-minute Pep Rally kickoff will inspire your students, teachers, and parents to achieve goals never before attained on your fundraiser. Let us show you how we do it! Fundraising + Pep Rally = FUNDRALLY

Can FundRally help any group with their fundraising needs?

We have the knowledge and experience needed to help make your fundraising program a huge success. We have worked with entire schools as well as small groups of only 10 cheerleaders. We offer a large variety of fundraising programs like cookie dough & desserts, gifts and gift wrap, discount cards, tumblers, candles, and much more. FUNDRALLY takes a great deal of pride in helping groups raise the money they need, no matter how big or small the group.

What does my fundraiser need to be successful?

First and foremost you need a goal and a motivated group of sellers that want to help make that goal a reality. Beyond that, you need an experienced fundraising partner like FUNDRALLY that will assist you the entire way—from organizing the sponsor, to motivating your sellers, to assisting with delivery. Your FUNDRALLY Representative will provide you a complete Sponsor Fundraising Guide. This step-by-step guide will help ensure that your fundraiser runs smoothly from start to finish.

How long should I run my fundraiser?

Most schools or groups sell for 2 weeks. We recommend giving your sellers at least 2 weekends. Sometimes it is appropriate to extend the sale to a 3rd week, but any more time than that and it becomes the never-ending fundraiser.

What about door to door selling?

Many people confuse product fundraising with ‘door-to-door sales’. FUNDRALLY does not encourage door-to-door selling. In reality, most school fundraising sales are made to parents, family members, friends, co-workers as well as online. The sellers will be instructed to sell to parents, relatives, friends, and parents can take the brochures to work. In addition, out of town relatives and friends can support your school or organization by shopping online at our online store. Your organization will receive profit and the seller will receive credit towards their prizes.

Who can I call if I have questions?

If at anytime you have questions, please contact our Customer Care Team directly at 469-500-2626 (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST) or Contact Us now. We’re here to make your fundraising experience easier and we’ll be by your side throughout the entire process.

Do you require a minimum fundraising order?

There is no minimum order required for most of our programs, however, if your organization chooses to sell discount cards or tumblers then minimums do apply.

Do you have an online store?

Yes, your fundraising group will be able to access an online store where family, friends, and out-of-town supporters can shop. Product is paid by and shipped directly to the customer. Your organization will receive profit for anything ordered on your behalf, and the seller can receive credit towards prizes during your sale. Access the online store here.

Do we have to sign a school fundraising contract?

Before we can begin your school fundraising project, you will need to sign a Program Agreement that obligates us to help you make your fundraiser a success and ensures that you compensate us for the products and services delivered.

What percentage of sales will my group receive?

The amount of profit a school or group receives depends on the fundraising program chosen & the incentive program selected for your fundraiser. Profit typically begins at 40% and can go as high as 70%.

Do I have to pay for any school fundraising materials?

No! FUNDRALLY will send you all the materials you need to get your fundraiser started—brochures, order forms, marketing posters, pre-paid mailer, etc.

What do I do once all orders and money have been collected?

Typically, you will be asked to mail your orders one week after your fundraising end date. This is to ensure that you have collected any late orders and money. You will need to make sure that you have a copy of each student’s order form for your records before mailing the original order forms to us for processing.

When and how should I remit payment?

Payment is due prior to or at delivery of your fundraising merchandise. You will receive an invoice prior to your delivery. We require payment using either a cashier’s check or a check from your organization or business account.  Make the check payable to FUNDRALLY.

Do you offer prize programs for those who sell?

Of course we do! In most cases, a good incentive program is the difference between a successful fundraiser and one that flops. Your FUNDRALLY Representative will assist you in putting together a custom prize program that best fits your school or group.

When will I receive my school fundraising merchandise?

Delivery of school fundraising merchandise takes approximately 2-3 weeks after the order forms have arrived in our office. Peak season runs from mid-September thru mid-December. During that time you can expect most deliveries will take 3 weeks. We are typically able to turn orders around quicker in off-peak months.

What do I do when my merchandise arrives?

Each school is unique, so your FUNDRALLY Representative will work closely with your volunteers to develop a plan of action prior to the delivery day. In most cases, your FUNDRALLY Representative will be there to assist with the delivery and will oversee the delivery process. Most of the hard work is done before your orders arrive at the school because we pre-pack all student orders alpha-numerically in advance.

How can I make merchandise distribution easier?
All of our school fundraising merchandise is pre-packed by individual seller thus making the distribution process easy. The outside of the sellers box will clearly indicate the sellers name as well as noting if there is more than one box for that individual. Sellers with large orders may need to call parents to come and pick them up. The Sponsor Fundraising Guide also has delivery notices for notifying parents in advance of the delivery. We recommend that the seller or parent sign for their order upon receipt. We also suggest that you have 4 to 5 volunteers to help with the distribution. You will also receive detailed reports with your orders that will assist you in this process.
Where should merchandise be distributed?
Gymnasiums, cafeterias or other large centralized areas make excellent distribution locations for your fundraising orders to be picked up by parents and students.
When should merchandise be distributed?
Begin distribution of school fundraising orders the day of or the day after they arrive (day of with all frozen foods). Set a specific date and time for parents to pick up orders. Make sure notices are sent home with date and times of distribution. Arrange for temporary cold storage for any frozen orders that are not picked up on the day of delivery. Also, if your school district has a voicemail system that allows for automatic messages to be sent out to your parents, arrange to have the principal record a voicemail reminder. Make sure that you mention the day and time of the pickup. Some schools will even inform parents up front that if they don’t pick up their orders by a specific day and time then their product will become the property of the school or organization.
What if product arrives damaged, missing, or is not wanted?
FUNDRALLY will happily replace any missing or damaged fundraising merchandise. Should an item not meet the expectations of a seller, we will immediately credit you the amount that was billed on your invoice. FUNDRALLY has a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy!
Why is product fundraising effective?
Unlike other ‘do-it-yourself’ fundraising efforts, which tend to be much more labor-intensive, and often result in significantly less profit, with product based fundraising, FUNDRALLY acts as your liaison between the product supplier and you. We are experienced fundraising professionals that provide guidance, support, student motivation, and trouble-shoot any problems that might arise, reducing volunteer time and energy while maximizing sales. In addition, there is no upfront cost because we provide all of your fundraising supplies and promotional materials at no charge. Product based fundraising also works because results are fast and people like buying quality consumer-based products for a worthy cause. Another reason it works is that we only ship you what you sell, taking away your risk from buying something in advance that doesn’t sell and you end up with inventory that eats into your profits. Each year, non-profit groups raise approximately $2 billion through product fundraising.
Can Cookie Dough be left un-refrigerated for a period of time?
The product will arrive frozen and should be distributed the same day the shipment is received. If the product is not picked up by the seller/parent at the end of the day, arrangements must be made to refrigerate the items. FUNDRALLY is not responsible for product not stored properly or for products not picked up by the students/parents.
Can I choose more than one brochure to sell with?

Your FUNDRALLY Representative will consult with your organization to find the best possible programs to help maximize your profits. In most cases, only one brochure is needed. Most of our brochures have more than enough products to choose from and adding multiple brochures to the mix only complicates the sale for the end consumer. However, we do have “tag” brochures that may be combined in certain situations.

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